Joe's Corner  

I was relieved to hear my grandson and granddaughter's voices on the phone. They were both  near the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Gabrielle, a sophomore at Tufts University  decided to leave about an hour prior to the time the Bombs went off. Nic, soon to be a  graduate of Harvard University, was located between the two explosions. Thank God they  were both uninjured. Hundreds of others were not so lucky. One of my friends emailed me the graphic photos taken immediately after the blasts. It was  very difficult to see them. The first responders were amazing. They were unselfishly running to  help the injured while Bomb Sniffing Dogs searched for any additional explosives. In  subsequent TV Interviews of many of the victims said they will "get through this and move  on". This tragedy happened at a World Class Athletic Event. Who could possibly hate that much? As the facts slowly  came out we heard the words HOME GROWN TERRORISTS. What? The Terrorists were Athletes? No way! But it  was true. But Home Grown? My thoughts went back to the Dogs sniffing for additional explosives. Mark Twain once said, "The difference  between Man and Dog is -if you take a Dog in, raise him and feed him - HE WILL NEVER BITE YOU". I  question, "How many more times will we be bitten?" - Maybe we did not take these sick young men in. - Maybe we did not raise them on our way of life. - Maybe we did not feed them enough. They were Athletes but not in a "Team Sport." Psychologists will probably tell us "they felt they did not belong to  their community". One act of kindness may well be the tipping point in a young life.Preventative solutions  can take one of two directions, education or fear of punishment. Hate can only be erased when people become  smart enough to understand that we are all roommates on this planet. The rent we pay to live here on Earth is to  give back to others. Eliminating hate is the biggest challenge of the 21st Century. This world can only survive when  we become smart enough to live together. Kurt Vonnegut in his short story about Thomas Edison's Dog explains that Dogs are the smartest creatures on  Earth. They evolved from vicious starving packs of wolves to the smartest socially  adapted animals ever. Some wear diamond-studded collars and are transported in the expensive purses of the  Movie Stars? They are fed gourmet dog food?Dogs are definitely smarter and trust worthier than man. We could  learn a great lesson from them.