New Years


My New Years resolution is to avoid calories hummmm?

Like you I look back on the year and try to see what AYF could do better. It would be easy to be satisfied with the great Volunteers, Coaches and Athletes that are AYF/AYC Members. Hey way back in 1998  AYF was the "Canary in the Coal Mine". We had a plan and knew of the challenge. But former pop warner commissioner Jim Taft said if we do this right we will "lead the field" in a very short time. Doing it right cost us some members along the way but here we are out in front. To stay that way will be the challenge of 2014. My father used to say don't react until you know the facts.
The facts are AYF has no Big Brother with media, political clout and corporate backing. The motivation in American is usually profit driven. I know how to fight. But as George Allen the Hall of Fame Coach used to say to "Triumph with out peril is to triumph without Glory". So it continues with big business promoting themselves.
My hope is the Big Business Media will react like our AYF Members when they see the promotion of a coming Esquire TV show called Texas Tykes. This show like most profit driven productions tells the story of the worst parents and coaches in Youth Football; or any Football. Coaches thinking they will be discovered if they drive their young players to victories. It is despicable. Hey - if it becomes profitable, move over Kardashians.Will the American viewers react or will they be moderately entertained with yet another "worst of - story?" 
The label most offensive to me is being a moderate. From news reports and political speak I am concerned with the term MODERATES. Modern terminology for do nothings.This year I saw a David oppose Goliath - and win. Most moderates did not follow the drama of a new NFLPA Executive being appointed unanimous. Having traveled the rocky road through NCAA, and NFL I was curious about anyone being a unanimous choice in a place called Washington DC,  Shortly afterward We met DeMaurice Smith new NFLPA Executive Director speaking at the AYF Hall of Fame Dinner. All attendees were impressed with his belief that "passion" is the answer to success in life and Football. I didn't see a trace of a moderate in his attitude. This modern David pounded out a ten year deal for his players. Media, Big Business, and Politics be damned.
I read where the NFL is trying to stop the Esquire Cable show from being aired; perhaps they should ask DeMauris Smith to join the fight. If that happens The Friday Night Tykes will be LIGHTS OUT. We have to fight for our Young Athletes and show all that we are doing the right thing. 2014 will be an even bigger challenge than 2013.  The Canary is still alive, those buzzards will have to feast on road kill.