President's Corner - February 2013

 with Joe Galat


I remember my mother reading me a bedtime story,  "The Grasshopper and the Ants". The ants worked  hard every day while the grasshopper just fiddled around. When winter came the poor grasshopper was starving and cold. But the diligent ants had stored up all their food and supplies and remained comfortable all winter. Hey - that story comes back to me when I get those familiar emails and phone calls in November "Can you tell me where we can get a travel grant to attend the AYF National Championships?" or "Do you know who gives donations to football and cheer programs?" The grasshoppers have once again been left out in the cold. But some associations are working like ants to raise enough money to send their teams and squads who qualify for Nationals. 
Fundraising is mostly hard work but if you start now - it will pay off in November. There are thousands of Fundraising Projects. The one that works for you may be selling products, charging volunteers to "opt out" of the concession duties, or just plain asking for donations. The margin of profit is an important consideration. A good product will sell but what is your cut? New and different fund raising products can be found by searching the Internet or facebook. Bottom line is that the entire team must be united in their effort. Set goals and check each week to see where you rank. Competition is part of what we are so be sure to give awards and prizes to the best fundraisers on your team or squad. Local merchants often come up with a win win arrangement for both the team and the community. Hey we all love pizza, cookie dough, Krispy Kremes. You get the idea. Is your team photo hung on the wall at McDonalds, Wendys, or Walmart? Maybe you should ask them for a donation in exchange for the photo.
What do Lebron James, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates have in Common? I am not sure of the last three names but Lebron James and Steve Jobs donated funds to AYF Football teams.
Donations are tax deductible. You may want to ask for a donation in exchange for a tax receipt. The best way to get a donation is to ask. The best way to raise funds is to not fiddle around and start working at it now.
The ants have high hopes.
Good luck - see you at the AYF/AYC National Championships!