Membership & Structures


23,000 Teams in Fifty States

American Youth Football (AYF) is the fastest growing youth organization in America. Founded in 1996, AYF has grown to over 830,000 youth participants and 180,000 adult volunteers with leagues in all 50 US states and internationally.

Who Are Members

All community run youth football & cheer organizations are invited to join AYF & AYC.  Organizations may join in the form of a team, an association (multiple teams), or a league/conference (multiple associations). AYF is all-inclusive and accepts all community youth football & cheer organizations as members. AYF membership includes youth programs affiliated with: Boys & Girls Clubs, Police Athletic, Optimist Clubs, Park and Recreation Leagues, JCC, YMCA, non-scholastic organizations, local community organizations, city leagues, and community centers, independent leagues and others.


Become a Member

Youth Football and cheer organizations become a member by completing the online registration form found at The membership fee is $20-$30 per team annually, with NO additional costs.  Each organization must register/renew their membership with AYF annually. The Membershp year is April 1 - March 31.


AYF member organizations can participate in one of two distinct participation structures. Fees are the same for both membership structures.


AYF Local Membership Structure
AYF Local Membership Structure stays true to the AYF objective of remaining non-intrusive and supporting all football and cheer teams regardless of their competitive intentions.  Local Membership organizations are organizations that DO NOT want to be eligible to participate in AYF/AYC post-season play or in AYF/AYC inter-league competitions. Local members have the freedom to participate as a member of AYF without strictly abiding to the many conditions listed in the Official AYF Rules and Regulations Manual.  Local programs are free to play in accordance with their own locally adopted and current governing rules and divisions, so long as their rules subscribe to the following governing principles:

a. Safety 
b. Sportsmanship 
c. Full Participation (everyone plays)

Excluding these minimal requirements, local membership structured organizations can maintain independence in creating a customized organizational and program structure that fits their local communities needs, while having the advantage of AYF services and benefits.


AYF Championship Tournament Membership Structure
AYF Championship/Tournament Membership Structure pertains to those members that desire the eligibility to participate in AYF Regional and National Championships, pre/post season games/tournaments, all-star programs and other AYF or AYC sanctioned competitive events.  These members must strictly abide by AYF/AYC Official Rules and Regulations. Rules must be followed during Pre-Season, In-Season, and Post-Season play (year round). These members must organize their teams into their chosen AYF/AYC divisional structures.

Championship Tournament teams are eligible and will be first considered to receive giveaways and recognition programs including: All-Star, scholarships, awards, and invitations to special events.

Important:Organizations that register as Tournament/Championship Members are NOT required to participate in AYF/AYC Regional or National championships. The Championship Tournament Membership Structure simply provides a more rigid membership structure that will help members establish a program which institutes best practices to establish a strong and stable community youth football cheer organization.


Contacting Members

To remain non-intrusive and respect our members privacy, AYF does not post the contact information for our member organizations. Please view the membership map below for more information.