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At American Youth Football, safety is the first priority when it comes to a child's participation. From background checks and concussion awareness, to education and insurance, we take pride in our safety first risk management, which provides the most professional and safe environment for children to play.

AYF has partnered with the top training providers and athletic coaches. Failure to act in a safe and responsible manner, with the children entrusted to you, will be dealt with severe consequences from the AYF National Office.


Risk Management


Concussion Awareness:

There is no band aid solution to the concussion issue which exists at every level of play. To ensure the well being of young athletes, AYF continues to insist on proper instruction by competent coaches and most important, in a culture of good sportsmanship.


For the 2015 season:


All AYF/AYC Coaches are required to pass the Concussion Test at www.CDC.Gov (Center of Disease Control) offered free of charge.

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All AYF coaches are required to pass the Basic ASEP Online Coaches Course (Level One). It is understood that all coaches have taken this course. 


Once you have passed the Basic ASEP Course, you are required to take the ASEP Re-certification Course (Level Two) each year. This course includes a $2,000,000 coaches liability policy.


Recommended Training: (The Liability Policy does not cover these website advisories)

All AYF/AYC Coaches are recommended to download the App on Concussion offered by (American Academy of Neurology) by clicking here.
All coaches are recommend to watch the Seattle Seahawks instructional tackling video at the following link http://www.seahawks.com/videos-photos/videos/Seahawks-Tackling/af5b80dd-7e39-4519-8b80-ad558292b1a6   
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***You must be listed as a coach with a registered team in order to complete the course.***
      Coaches can NOT register themselves on myayf unless you are the one paying for your team.
AYF Coaching also offers a book which can be purchased at AYFcoaching.com
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Background Checks:

Background checks are now available through Playayf.com. For more information please visit the website or contact info@playayf.com



AYF and Sadler Insurance work together to create the safest environment for our athletes. With incredible rates, and great customer service, Sadler Insurance will provide AYF members with the greatest and most competitive coverage.

Learn more about the benefits of AYF coverage through Sadler Insurance.

To get insured with Sadler Insurance call 1-800-622-7370 or go to sadlersports.com.