Membership Cards

Player_card_Front6.12.pngAll AYF and AYC member organizations are able to download Player Membership Cards to be distributed to every player on all of their teams/squads.


These cards can be created by loging and clicking on the blue banner that says ">>Get Your AYF Player Cards Here<<"


What are the cards:

AYFs New Official Player Membership Cards will be distributed to each rostered AYF or AYC athlete to act as their official membership card. Each card has a unique player ID number. This player ID number will be activated once the player uses their number to join the community. Once the player has joined, they will be verified as AYF participants and become eligible for AYF/AYC programs awarding gifts/awards/and scholarships.


The cards may also provide access to local, regional and national events. In addition, the card may be used to redeem special promotions from AYF and its partners. New programs will become available throughout the year and be communicated via the monthly E-Huddle and


User Benefits

These cards will be used to pass many benefits on to our youth athletes, provide them with new opportunities and keep them safe while online.


General benefits include: 

-Provide access/admission to local, regional and national AYF/AYC (and partner) events and tournaments.

-Provide access to join keep kids safe online while providing them with the benefits of membership in AYF/AYC. 

-Stat and ranking program in will provide eligibility for all-star selection and athletic training scholarships. 

-The Players ID number will be required to issue academic scholarships and other individual recognition programs and awards.

-Cardholders will be eligible to receive discounts and free gifts and special promotions from AYF and its partners. is a private, password protected, social networking site. The site can only be accessed by AYF and AYC players who have been given a membership card by their team. The unique player ID number found on the front of the cards, will allow one player to join


By entering the unique AYF Player ID number on the card, your child will be allowed access to JOIN Athletes will be prompted to enter a username and password; which will be their access to sign into the site going forward. Each user ID number will only provide access to the site ONCE, all future “sign ins” will require the selected username/password; therefore a lost card will NOT grant the finder of the card access to the site/profile. A security question will be used to allow the child to re-assign their username password, since many kids do not have an email address. The site has advanced language and message controls and all photos and videos will be first approved by AYF staff before they are posted for public viewing.


Once the join process is complete at, athletes will become eligible for all youth programs, including: grants, scholarships, awards and contests.


The site will bring together a group of like-minded boys and girls, ages 5-16 with football, cheer, dance and academics being the common theme. AYF prides itself on the privacy of the site and to protect our youth from the invasion of online predators, adults will not be permitted access to the social network. However, if any parent or coach has concerns as to a particular users activity, AYF will provide up to the minute screen-shots of player profiles and recent activity.


Aside from “friending” other young athletes, players will be prompted to enter weekly statistics and contests will encourage positive behavior and inspire teamwork, improvement in sport and study habits and motivate responsibility by allowing the athlete to compete for both athletic and academic scholarships, all-star selection and other recognition programs and awards.

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Cards For AYF/AYC

AYF and AYC League Administrators can generate and print AYF Player Cards online at


If you have any questions please


Only card requests by league administrators will be answered. If you are a coach or parent, please submit your request for cards to your league, association or conference administrator.