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AYC Divisions/Team Age Breakdown




Competing Up

In order to allow all interested athletes to participate, athletes may compete in an older age division with the following restrictions:

Athletes may compete in an older age division ("compete up") ONLY if it is NOT possible to create a team in the division that corresponds to their age level.

Athletes may NOT compete in a younger age division without approval from AYC.

There is an “Age Waiver Request Form” that an association may use for an age waiver. The form is located on


Cheer Skill Divisions: White, Red and Blue Skill Division Guidelines are listed in the AYC Rule Book. AYC teams participating in the region and national competitions will need to declare a team’s skill division before the start of the fall competition season.


Dance/Step Age Divisions




AYC Step 

Step is a form of dance that has been in existence for decades, it is sophisticated, synchronized chanting and stomping to a rhythmic beats from participants’ hands, feet and mouth.  Today, youth across America have embraced this art form.  AYC National Championships include a Step Division.  See rules in the official AYC rule book. For information on participation,