Conference All-Star Division


The Conference All-Star Division is a competitive divisional bracket played at the AYF National Championships. Each AYF National Conference has the opportunity to create a Conference All-Star team made up of players selected in the post season. Conference All-Star teams are for those kids who will be graduating from AYF and entering their High School programs (8th Graders), have maintained a high standard of academic performance, and would like to have the opportunity to experience participating in an out of state Championship Tournament. 


The Conference All Star division gives those players in their last year of AYF (those 8th graders on teams did not qualify for a place at National Championship) a chance to compete on a national stage and create AYF memories to last a lifetime. This division also gives city and state assembled teams a chance to represent their conference in the national football community.


Members should inquire with their Conference Commissioner for more details.The selection process is determined by the conference exclusively.


To submit a team from play in the National Championships Conference All Star Division, contact the AYF National Office.