AYC All-Star Participation




The Annual AYF National All-Star Game was established to allow the older participants, those leaving youth football/cheer, the opportunity to travel and experience participation with kids from other teams they may have competed against over the years of their involvement. It will allow better understanding and friendships to develop and require coaches from different organizations the opportunity to work together to further the objective of providing and giving back to the youth of their communities.   It should be understood that while the participation is a competition for the football players and cheerleaders, it is the exposure and experience being offered to the kids that is the most important feature of this effort. Winning is the result of the contest, the reward is the wisdom gained.  


• The Annual AYF National All-Star Cheer teams will be made up of the oldest participants 15 and under from each region.  

• Any player/cheerleader/coach may be nominated postseason competition or sideline cheerleading. Nominations must be made by November 1st. Nominations will be sent to the Region Cheer Director and the National Cheer Director at Cheer@americanyouthfootball.com. There is an application process, that will be distributed in September, which must be completed by each nominee.  

• Cheerleaders that are nominated should be the oldest participants on the squad (15 and under with minimum age of 12).  

• A maximum of 6 - 8 cheerleaders can be nominated from each region. Nomination does not guarantee the cheerleader will be selected. The National office based on the nominations received will make selections.  

• Nomination must include a scholastic component and academic achievement along with community service components and considered as factors when nominating a cheerleader for the All Star squad.  

• Nominations should be reserved for cheerleaders that will no longer be eligible to play with the youth league.  

• Only players who were certified to submit final rosters by the Sept 15 deadline as well as actively participated with their team during the entire regular season are eligible for the All Star squad.  

• Nominations for an All-Star coach will include number of years in a head coach position and a list of all levels they have coached. Coaches should have a minimum of three years (3) head coaching experience on the competitive level.  

• A maximum of two coaches may be nominated from each region.  

• The AYC All-Star team announcement will be made in November of each year.