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About AYC

American Youth Football (AYF) understands the importance of supporting young girls in the community through sport and with that they started a sister league to AYF devoted to its cheerleaders. American Youth Cheer, governed on safety, sportsmanship and full participation offers membership to all cheer, dance and step teams associated with an American Youth Football team. However, independent teams, not affiliated with AYF/AYC, are encouraged to sign up today to become a part of the AYF family.


Membership Structure

AYC Membership is configured into two independent structures: Local & Championship.


Championship Membership Structure pertains to those leagues that plan to participate in AYF/AYC Regional and National Championships and other pre or post-season competitions.  These leagues are required to strictly abide by AYC rules and regulations and age divisions as outlined in the Official American Youth Cheerleading Rulebook. 


Local Membership Structure stays true to the AYF/AYC objective of remaining independent and supporting all teams regardless of their competitive intentions.  AYC strongly encourages all cheer teams to participate in outside cheer competitions as well as the expectation of them to participate and support our own AYC local, regional and national competitions. We encourage all associations to contact their league/conference to confirm the AYC cheer calendar for the dates and schedule of all AYC competitions.


Rules & Regulations

AYC rulebooks are only available to our members and can be found Members will get a user ID and password and can use that to navigate the site and get official AYC rulebooks. To obtain extra rulebooks for $5.00 each please contact AYC or send payment to:


American Youth Football and Cheer

1000 South Pointe Drive TH-9

Miami, Fl 33139


Please note: The general football rules as stated in the Official Football Rules and Regulations regarding cheerleading at football games which apply to players will also apply to the cheerleaders (with the exception of weight or weigh-ins and the rules of contact). Certain rules will be superseded by the Official Cheer Rules and Regulations. Governing of AYF/AYC Leagues occurs as stated in Section 3 & 4 of the Football Rules Section. 

AYC Divisions


AYC Divisions/Team Age Breakdown



Competing Up

In order to allow all interested athletes to participate, athletes may compete in an older age division with the following restrictions:

Athletes may compete in an older age division ("compete up") ONLY if it is NOT possible to create a team in the division that corresponds to their age level.

Athletes may NOT compete in a younger age division without approval from AYC.

There is an “Age Waiver Request Form” that an association may use for an age waiver. The form is located on


Cheer Skill Divisions: White, Red and Blue Skill Division Guidelines are listed in the AYC Rule Book. AYC teams participating in the region and national competitions will need to declare a team’s skill division before the start of the fall competition season.


Dance/Step Age Divisions




AYC Step 

Step is a form of dance that has been in existence for decades, it is sophisticated, synchronized chanting and stomping to a rhythmic beats from participants’ hands, feet and mouth.  Today, youth across America have embraced this art form.  AYC National Championships include a Step Division.  See rules in the official AYC rule book. For information on participation,





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AYC, along with the American Sports Education Program (ASEP), provide a specific online certification course designed specifically for members. Titled "Coaching Youth Cheerleading - The AYC Way," the certification will provide a two million dollar liability coverage for each coach who obtains a certificate. More information can be found at

AYF Coaches Training.jpg

For AYC coaches who have already completed the above course, the Recertification Course is now available.




To download a copy of the AYC Faq's click here.




A Region is defined as a geographic territory.  The geographic territory is determined by the AYF National Office.  The nine regional territories that make up AYF can be found online at:  AYF Regional Map.  A Region is comprised of Conferences within their territories that have applied for, and have been granted membership by the National Office. 



A Conference is defined by the geographic boundary of its membership.  A Conference’s membership is the Association that it has applied for, and has been granted membership, by the Conferences governing body.  In keeping with American Youth Football’s Goals and Philosophies no application for membership should be unreasonably withheld. AYC teams should be a member of a local conference if they are participating in the regional/national championship.


An Association is often defined as a local city, or town. The acceptable method and determination of what participants can register within any given Association is governed by the Conference/Region to which it is a member.


Age Division:  
A Division in Cheerleading is defined a grouping of Teams in a specific Age bracket.


Skill Division
A division in cheerleading in which teams are declared white, red or blue division based on skill ability of team for competition.  Guidelines for each skill division are provided in the AYC rule book.


Size of Teams:  
Teams are further broken down into small or large divisions.

•    - Small team 5 – 18 members

•    - Large team 19 – 36 members


** Teams electing to compete in AYC regional and national competitions are required to restrict teams to (36) thirty-six members, mascots not included in this total.