501 (C) (3) Status

     You must be a member of AYF to apply for 501(c) (3) non-profit subordinate status. This action may take 60-90 days to process so please be patient. Please log in to your account for more information.

AYF Service

     A service organization designed to assist in the administration of youth football and cheer programs and all of the membership groups therein.  These programs are designed to help youngsters learn skills and develop into productive and healthy adults through their participation in organized, supervised sports.

     All AYF members are eligible to receive the services and benefits that AYF has negotiated for AYF and AYC as a whole.  This includes both membership structures, conference, association or team level administrators, coaches and supporters.

     Most services and benefits are available for access at The member organization has the ability to add as many users as they would like to their panel - there is no limit on the number of users a member organization can add for access to

     AYF strives to serve its administrators and coaches via, its players via and parents and supporters via our public websites and the official monthly E-Huddle Newsletter (subscribe now).


     AYF is a community not a corporation- and as a community we have a commitment to personal service - If you contact a member of the National staff- we will get back to you quickly and personally.

User Friendly Statement

     We want to be the most user-friendly youth sports organization in North America. Our pledge is to keep the paperwork to a minimum!  Our goal is to make the job of our administrators easier!

Service vs. Governing

     AYF is NOT a governing body - AYF was established to serve those who serve youth. This is why all youth football programs are welcome to join and experience the benefits of membership with no expectations.

     Our motto of service is why we do not mandate any programs, purchasing, participation in events or services to our members - We stay true to our founding beliefs and remain All-Inclusive and Non-Intrusive.