Everybody Plays  

AYF was started because great kids were being told they couldn't play football - we decided never to let this happen again and created the All - American Division, a grade based, unlimited weight division. Although now more common, AYF pioneered the division and brought unllimited weight into the national conscience and changed the game forever.

With our founding goal to be all-inclusive, AYF has continuously created new divisions to be able to give more kids opportunities. All are welcome, regardless of size, skill, athletic ability, or means to pay. No child is turned down because he or she is too large, too small, or inexperienced.

No Weight Limits

AYF was the first and is still the only national youth football organization that welcomes kids of all sizes, allowing every child to get off the couch and onto the field.  As the driving force of unlimited weight football, AYF has been a long time and staunch supporter in the fight against childhood obesity. 

Not only does the All-American division allow boys/girls of all sizes to play, but the grade based structure levels the playing field (without the concern of older/lighters) and allows boys/girls to play together year after year giving them the opportunity to develop as a team and better learn the game - making AYF programs todays most successful high school feeder programs. 

Everyone Plays

AYF and AYC programs are not permitted to conduct tryouts or cut players - cuts are prohibited (except in the case of Conference All Star Teams which is a 'post-season' all-star program).

AYF also requires mandatory play rosters be kept for all games to ensure that all players on the roster play in every game. MPR's are used in all AYF tournament/championship play.

Ages 5-18

AYF participants start at the age of five and now, thanks to AYC, participants can cheer up to the age of 18.

Financial Support

No child should ever be turned away from any local program because of inability to pay and no team will be turned away from AYF because of inability to pay the membership fee. AYF and its member organizations depend on fundraising, sponsorship and donation to support these programs and youth in need. To learn more about our donation program please read here.

Inspiration Division

Our goal is to use football and cheer to foster a confidence and sense of self-worth that extends to all children. Youth with cognitive and physical disabilities are given the opportunity to transform their disabilities into abilities and a chance for great achievements. Players are able to exercise regularly to become stronger and healthier, and children build a network of friends, support, and trust. No scores are kept, however it is a fun, social and competitive environment.

Inspiration division rules are available at MYAYF.com. There are no age, weight, or height restrictions - it is skill based play.  


AYF International is the "abroad" arm of AYF and AYC. With over 30 countries in Europe that play Football, American Youth Football is looking to increase our Universal Football Brotherhood. The heart of this commitment is increasing the knowledge of and respect for other cultures by our young athletes. By inviting and encouraging nations across the globe to join AYF, we will become an organization that integrates religions, cultures, ethnicities and languages via the universal appeal of football. Learn more about AYF International and its programs here. 

Home Schoolers

AYF has home school programs and also has protocol to assist home schooled youth integrate and assimilate, and secure eligibility into their local AYF programs. 

Membership Structure

The separate membership structures allow for any program to join AYF or AYC. Regardless of how you participate, there is a membership structure that will 'fit' your program. Learn more. 

AYC Cheer Membership

While 'old-school' football programs expect cheer teams to tag along with the football teams - AYF realizes that the sport of cheerleading is no longer only on the sidelines. Any youth cheer squad/program is invited to join AYC as an individual member organization -  No football? No problem!