Community and Volunteers


      Each individual AYF member organizaton operates within its own community and these communities represent AYF as whole. AYF expects all of its member communities to live up to our standards of safety, sportsmanship and everybody plays.

     In line with AYF goals and beliefs, dedication toward service and all-inclusiveness, AYF remains non-intrusive to member communities in so long as the standards above are upheld. Most issues that present themselves within the community are "local issues" and communities are encouraged to work together to find solutions to build better programs for their kids and the long term benefit of their communities. In addition to our basic standards for membership, All AYF programs are expected to participate in a national or local Giving back movement - where the AYF program can work toward the benefit of their community at large.

     If you need any ideas on Giving Back programs to run in your own communities, contact us today.


     Our goal is to support and service the volunteers nationwide and to acknowledge and celebrate their efforts.


Please go to our Annual Awards page to view our past award winners for coach of the year, volunteer of the year, giving back of the year and more.